Streamline High-Volume Production with MFP’s Robotic Welding Services 

To meet our customers’ demand for high-volume production as well as their accuracy and quality standards, Metal Fabrication Professionals made a strategic investment in state-of-the-art robotic welding equipment. This upgrade to our welding services enables our customers in the mass production of identical components.

If you’d like to find out more details about our robotic welding equipment, feel free to contact us. In the meantime, let’s explore MFP’s top-notch welding capabilities.

Robotic Welding vs. Manual Welding

Metal Fabrication Professionals offers both manual and robotic welding, and each has its own ideal uses. Manual welding, performed by our highly skilled team, provides exceptional quality in low- and medium-volume production. Though manual processes are invaluable, robotic welding offers unique benefits that expand and diversify our welding capabilities.

Greater Speed

One of the primary advantages of robotic welding is speed. While initial setup takes longer for robotic welding, as the machinist must program the machine, the equipment can run nonstop once set up. The output rate for robotic welding far exceeds what a human operator can achieve through manual processes, as machines do not require breaks or shift changes. This makes robotic welding ideal for high-volume production jobs that call for speed and efficiency.

Consistency and Repeatability

Another significant value-add of robotic welding is its ability to maintain consistent weld parameters across a large volume of parts. Once the robotic system is programmed, it can produce the same weld repeatedly. Repeatability is crucial for demanding industries that require consistency in component dimensions and weld quality.

Additionally, removing manual human operations eliminates variability, ensuring that each weld is executed with identical precision and accuracy.

Higher Quality

The precision achieved through programmed robotic movements results in superior welds. This caliber of quality is often challenging to achieve consistently with manual welding, where the potential for human error is inevitable.

As our welders program the machines, they carefully provide weld parameters that yield fewer imperfections such as porosity or incomplete fusion. The result is highly precise, defect-free components that meet tolerance requirements and industry standards.

Robotic Welding at Metal Fabrication Professionals

MFP’s investment in state-of-the-art robotic welding technology allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations regarding lead time and quality.

High-Volume Production

Because robotic welders run efficiently following the initial setup, they’re ideal for producing high volumes of parts in the thousands.

Material Diversity

We handle a variety of materials in our metal fabrication services, and our welding services are no different. While we primarily handle stainless steel in our robotic welding work, we can also handle carbon steel and aluminum. MFP’s material versatility helps us weld components for a variety of industries and applications. 

Large-Sized Components

MFP can weld parts of all sizes, but our robotic welder enables us to manage sizable components. When our massive welding robot is in action, it’s truly a sight to see.

Metal Fabrication Professionals’ strategic investment in robotic welding demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellent outcomes in precision metal fabrication. The benefits of speed, consistency, repeatability and quality associated with our automated welding capabilities leverage us as a forward-thinking partner in high-volume manufacturing.

Request a quote from MFP to experience the quality results and repeatability of automated welding solutions.

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