Metal Forming & Rolling

Our Forming and Rolling​

To accommodate fabrication requirements which include conical or cylindrical shapes, at Metal Fabrication Professionals we deploy rolling equipment that offers us the flexibility to form metal into a variety of geometries. The adaptability of our rolling equipment allows us to not only handle a range of metal types, but also serves to optimize the forming process to provide cost effective fabrication solutions.

  • Plate Roller Machine
  • CNC
  • DAVI
  • Series C


  • Heavy-duty, 4 Roll, Double Pinch
  • Capable of Rolling in a Single Pass, 1/2 in. Thick Stainless Steel x 10 ft. Long down to 26 in. Diameter
  • Plate is better controlled, clamped between top and bottom rolls to eliminate position shifts
  • Ideal for high volume parts and steady quality



  • 1/2″ thick stainless steel

Precise Forming, Bending & Rolling

Our metal forming and rolling provides repeatable high quality with tight tolerances, adding versatility to many project applications. We commonly work with metals including aluminum, stainless steel, and other high performance metals to create specialty metal components.

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