Precision Metal Fabrication, Cutting and Forming

From our 250,000 sq. ft. facility, Metal Fabrication Professionals offers one of the industry’s most extensive metal cutting, forming and fabrication operations. 100% employee-owned, the expert MFP team utilizes the latest technologies and machinery to ensure your parts fit right the first time, every time. With high-speed, efficient equipment and an unwavering commitment to excellence, MFP sets the standard for reliability and quality in metal fabrication, cutting and forming.

Made In Kentucky

We make everything right here at our 250,000 square foot Louisville, Kentucky facility, ensuring we personally manage every order as it’s being produced.

Red Skid Guarantee

We can guarantee that we will provide you with a quote within 1 business day, proudly make everything in our Louisville, KY facility, and treat every job like it’s our own project. When you see that red skid, you’ll know it’s backed by a guarantee you can trust.

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