Waterjet Cutting

Our Waterjet Cutting​

The Metal Fabrication Professionals shop is equipped with a “Flow” waterjet capable of cutting hard materials such as metals, wood, glass, and composites with thickness from 1/16″ thick to 6″ thick in high or low volumes. Because of its versatility, no heat or stress is imparted into your cut materials, and no secondary finishing is required saving you time and money. Cuts metals and other materials without melting, distorting or warping them.

  • No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) 
  • No material distortion
  • No additional finishing process
  • No hazardous waste


  • 10 ft. x 13 ft. Table and Effective Cutting Area
  • 60,000 PSI
  • Cuts Steel up to 6 in. Thick
  • Cuts Metals, Wood, Glass, Plastics and Rubber

Our Waterjet Cutting Equipment
With Our Metal Craftsmen


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