Metal Cutting

Laser Cutting

At Metal Fabrication Professionals, our custom steel plate services offer benefits of the most advanced technology available today.

Benefits of laser metal cutting

We can cut all types of metal and offer:

  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Exceptional detailing
  • Ability to cut complex shapes with incredible accuracy
  • Superior edge finish
  • Fast and efficient, extremely cost-effective products and service
  • Tabbing and slotting, engineered part design support

In addition, laser technology is ideally suited for cutting high carbon or abrasion resistant steel. In fact, where shearing or machining hard metals can present challenges, laser cutting can often produce clean finishes such that secondary machining operations aren’t required.

Metal laser cutting specifications

  • Bystronic” CO2 Laser (6,000 watts) – cuts mild steel to 1” thick, stainless steel to 1″ thick and aluminum to 0.600” thick
  • Amada (4,000 watts) – cuts mild steel to 1” thick, stainless steel to 3/8” thick
  • Sheet metal up to 8’4” wide x 21’4” in size
  • General tolerances are 0.004” to 1/2″; 1/2″ thick and above; 0.008” as a guide
  • Capabilities of tabbing, slotting and more
  • Touch screen control panel with graphic user interface allows us to program your specifications to high-tolerance accuracies

Pair this technology with an experienced employee-owner staff who’s dedicated to customer service and you’ve found your ideal laser cutting partner. Keep in mind that we can use your drawings or our engineers can work with you to provide design and drafting expertise and guidance. Send us your specifications and we’ll send you a quote.

HD Plasma with Oxy-Fuel Torch Head Cutting

Advantages of Plasma cutting:

Plasma cutting is an economical, efficient manufacturing process used to cut medium to heavy thickness metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys. It is a quick cutting process, providing fast throughput, tolerance control and repeatability.

High-definition plasma cutting is a relatively new plasma cutting process that cuts similar materials with more tolerance control. It can process carbon steel materials, stainless and aluminum in the 2-inch thickness range.

Oxy-fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel flame cutting is a steel cutting process utilizing a chemical reaction between oxygen and the base metal at extreme temperatures. A single machine, equipped with multiple torches can cut almost all grades of carbon and alloy steel plate. Oxy-fuel flame cutting is best on heavy gauge plate and does not work on stainless, aluminum or nickel alloys because of the lack of carbon.

Advantages of Oxy-fuel cutting:

Oxygen fuel cutting uses several different preheating flames that allows for the direction of the cut to be changed seamlessly making cleaner cuts. Large and thick sections of material can also be cut more efficiently as the oxy fuel cutter is light and quiet, requiring little effort to use.

HD Plasma with Oxy-fuel Torch Head cutting specifications

  • “Messer” Titan lll, HD Plasma with Oxy-fuel Torch Head – cuts mild steel from 16 gage to 2” thick for pierce cut and 2-1/4” thick for edge start. Cuts stainless steel from 12 gage to 1-3/4″  thick for pierce cut and 2” thick for edge start. Cuts aluminum up to 1-1/2” thick for pierce cut and 2” thick for edge start.
  • 45 deg max CNC angle/bevel head
  • 20-400 amps for bevel and straight cuts
  • Sheet metal up to 8’-4” wide x 21’-4” in size
  • Accuracy: X & Y axis= 0.018” accuracy in 72” travel. Repeatability = 0.010”
  • Touch screen control panel with graphic user interface allows us to program your specifications to high-tolerance accuracies

Waterjet Cutting Services

The FLOW Waterjet deploys state-of-the-art waterjet cutting precision and traverse speeds, so your job gets done quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Metal Fabrication Professionals ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting services deploy water that is compressed by up to 60,000 psi for a precise and powerful cutting tool that results in no heat affected zones (HAZ) or material warping/distortion. Our waterjet can cut nearly any material up to 6″ in thickness. Waterjet cutting is most often used for aluminum cuts, stainless steel, thick carbon steel, brass, copper, plastic, rubber, wood, and titanium.

Typical Applications for Waterjet Include:

  • Cutting shapes of 1/4″ and thicker of aluminum
  • Blank cutting for parts used in final machining assembly
  • Sheet metal parts for short run lots
  • Avoiding burrs and warping for screen cutting
  • Plate stock converting to bar
  • Making precision cuts from 1/2″ and up using mild steel
  • Cutting for nearly every type of hardened material
  • Sophisticated shapes out of delicate materials
  • Customizing shims from stainless steel or other exotic materials

Waterjet Features:

  • 10’ x 13’ table and effective cutting area
  • 60,000 psi
  • Cuts steel up to 6” thick
  • Accuracy = +/- 0.003”. Repeatability = +/- 0.001”

With cutting-edge waterjet technology and an experienced employee owned staff that is dedicated to customer service, you’ve found the ideal waterjet cutting partner. We can use your existing drawings, or our engineering team can assist you with designing and drafting. Send us your specifications or give us a call today!

CNC Turret Punch Press

The Metal Fabrication Professionals shop is equipped with a CNC hydraulic turrent punch press, which provides flexibility for all kinds of punching and forming.

CNC Turret Punch Press Features:

  • Finn-Power, 33 ton hydraulic punch stroke
  • 3-1/2″ maximum punch diameter
  • 0.187″ max. material thickness
  • Punch speed: 1,100 hpm at 1 mm pitch
  • High punching and forming accuracy
  • Fast 166 rpm indexing
  • Max. 200 tools in one turret configuration
  • Stroke speed adjustable in both directions
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