Metal Blasting & Painting

Metal Blasting

Shot-blasting removes surface imperfections on plate such as scale and rust and is often requested for paint preparation purposes or to create clean welding surfaces. Metal Fabrication Professionals offers shot-blasting capabilities for plate, bars, shapes, and metal fabrications to support your finished metal needs.

Metal Painting

Equipment manufacturers rely on industrial surface finishes for corrosion protection and aesthetic or visual appearance requirements. Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloy sub-assemblies and fabrications can be painted. Metal Fabrication Professionals can quote your part or project with various coatings and finishes for components, sub-assemblies and weldments.

Superior Metal Blasting & Painting

We provide efficient metal blasting and quality metal painting services to compliment our innovative fabrication, cutting, machining, and forming technologies. Our shot-blasting is effective for larger, difficult preparation objects that require strong force and a denser media material to clean and prepare a surface.

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