Metal Fabrication

From cutting-edge machining in our shop to welding fabrication and metal blasting and painting services, our team of experts ensures every project reflects our rigorous quality standards before it leaves our facility.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal Fabrication is process in manufacturing that conforms and shapes sheet metal to any specific size and shape. Using the metal, fabricators change the sheet to create a specific shape for the task at hand. This takes place through cutting, stamping, shaping, folding and welding. It is most notably a process that pertains to putting objects together using raw materials, like metal, expanded metal, welding wires and rods, cast metal, etc.

Custom Metal Fabrication Processes

Machine Shop

Metal Fabrication Professionals' machine shop provides superior customer service, quality work, on-time delivery, and the most competitive pricing.

Welding Fabrication

We have the capacity and expertise to provide simple welds or complex metal fabrications with hundreds of components.

Metal Blasting & Painting

Metal Fabrication Professionals offers shot-blasting and painting capabilities for plate, bars, shapes and metal fabrications to help meet your needs.

Metal Fabrication Solutions

Quality Metal Fabrication, Cutting & Forming in Louisville, KY.

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