Machine Shop

Machine Shop Equipment

Our experienced team of machine operators and engineers work together to eliminate wasted time and ensure production flows smoothly guaranteeing lower cost and the highest quality. Our machining capabilities regularly include holding tenths of a thousand on parts such as wheels, pins, bushings, tooling, molds, dies, pulleys, bearing housings, and miscellaneous and custom machined parts.

Quick Setups & Turnaround

The Metal Fabrication Professionals team is capable of quick setups and turnarounds including getting parts through for quality inspection.

Machining Services

Our machining services include a range of complementary, in-house machining processes, including CNC milling, drilling, turning, tapping, and boring. We provide precision machined components and assemblies to a wide variety of industries with reliability and accuracy, part after part. Our speed of production and efficient use of raw materials ensures quality parts that meet your needs at competitive pricing.


We can apply a range of surface finishes to all our fabricated parts and assemblies to comply with end-use application requirements or simply to provide a desired aesthetic appearance.  We also utilize the expertise of several local sources for special finishes, including anodizing, electro polishing, plating, and powder coating, which allows us to simplify the purchasing process while ensuring quality and consistency.

Our Machine Shop Delivers

At Metal Fabrication Professionals, our machine shop strives to provide superior customer service, quality work, on time delivery and the most competitive pricing. To ensure on time delivery we keep a comprehensive inventory of materials on hand, from stainless steel to carbon steel, which allows us to start an order immediately.

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