24-foot metal forming services

Our 24-Foot Metal Forming Services Offer Accuracy, Precision and Timeliness

At Metal Fabrication Professionals, we aim to achieve optimal efficiency with each of our precision sheet metal fabrication services. We’ve invested in equipment and technology to operate as a high-functioning one-stop sheet metal shop.

This pertains to our fabrication of large-scale components. Our 20-foot laser, which we explained in detail in a previous blog, offers us the capability to cut large parts with the tight precision a plasma cutter can’t achieve. The laser, an innovative addition to our sheet metal cutting capabilities, nicely complements one of our most state-of-the-art metal forming machines, our 24-foot press brake.

MFP’s 24-foot press brake and 20-foot laser are a testament to our ongoing investment in the latest, most sought-after capabilities. Moreover, this equipment serves the larger purpose of producing the best possible outcomes for our customers.

24-Foot Metal Forming Services

24-foot metal forming services

Our Accurpress press brake can bend material up to 24 feet long with exceptional precision. With 500 tons of power on this sophisticated equipment, our machinists can form ¼-inch materials while adhering to our stringent quality standards.

We’re not the only precision machine shop in our region with a press brake of this size, but the combined power of the 24-foot press brake and the 20-foot laser cutter in-house makes us stand out among our peers. We add value to our customers’ large-sized components in the following ways:

Dropping Weld Seams

When shops without this sizable equipment need to laser cut and form large parts, they must work with smaller sheets and weld them together to produce the desired length. This works fine, but it certainly isn’t the most effective way to produce high-quality components from large sheets.

By dropping weld seams, we can produce formed components much more quickly. Additionally, reducing the welding process from a job decreases overall labor costs. Additionally, manual welding processes require separate, time-consuming quality inspection procedures.

In short, because this large press brake simplifies our processes, it yields faster lead times and lower costs for our customers. It’s a win-win scenario.

Fewer Equipment Setups

A press brake of this size can bend lengthy sheets in just one setup. Cutting the number of setups produces the following results:

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Less human intervention, and therefore less chance for human error
  • Greater bending accuracy

CNC Capabilities

Our 24-foot Accurpress machine isn’t just impressive because of its size alone. This press brake is CNC operated for repeatability at volume.

Segmented Tooling

A standard feature on Accurpress press brakes, but still one worth mentioning, is its segmented tool feature. This allows us to produce multiple bending shapes and angles on the same sheet.

In-House Capabilities

If you request a quote from a sheet metal shop on a 20-foot laser cut and formed component, there’s a good chance they would need to outsource one of these processes – most likely laser cutting, as most shops don’t have access to lasers of this size.

However, MFP can handle 20-foot laser cutting and forming under one roof. Rather than sending large parts out to get laser cut and/or formed by one of our trusted external vendors, we just have to move the components a few yards from our laser to the press brake.

Combining 24-Foot Forming and 20-Foot Laser Cutting

Our 24-foot press brake and 20-foot laser cutter are the combined force our customers rely on for the most precise components. They work hand in hand, with many pieces moving straight from the laser cutter to the press brake.

We wouldn’t be able to accomplish the same caliber of work on large parts if we only had the 20-foot laser to work with. Without our 24-foot press brake, we would either need to:

  • Laser cut 20-foot flat blanks exclusively
  • Outsource this forming work to an outside vendor
  • Separate the part to fit onto smaller press brakes, then weld them back together – this would then render the 20-foot laser obsolete 

Consider Metal Fabrication Professionals for parts of considerable lengths with optimal accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our sophisticated cutting and forming capabilities and request a quote to get started.