Plasma Cutting

High Definition Plasma Cutting

The Metal Fabrication Professionals shop is equipped with a “Messer” high precision cutting machine with an unmatched cut quality. Its rugged construction makes it tough enough to keep cutting, shift after shift, assuring product accuracy and reliability.


  • Hi-Cut quality
  • Cut holes are round, have virtually no taper
  • Edges are square and dross free
  • Cut-to-cut cycle times allow for much higher levels of production


  • 45 deg. maximum CNC angle/bevel head
  • 30-400 amps for bevel and straight cuts
  • Cuts stainless steel from 12 gauge to 1-3/4″ thick for pierce cut and 2″ thick for edge start
  • Cuts mild steel from 16 gauge to 2″ thick for pierce cut and 2-1/4″ thick for edge start
  • Cuts aluminum up to 1-1/2″ thick for pierce cut and 2″ thick for edge cut


  • X & Y axis = 0.018″ accuracy in 72″ travel
  • Repeatability = 0.010″

Oxy-Fuel Torch Head:

  • Cuts mild steel up to 6″ thick
"Messer" Titan III, HD Plasma with Oxy-Fuel Torch Head
High Definition Plasma Cutting Close-Up