Metal Forming Press Brake

Our CNC press brake takes the pieces we laser cut and precision-bends them for your assembly. When it comes to metal bending, there can be no compromise.

The bend in the metal that will be used to construct a large piece of machinery must be extremely precise, or it won’t fit. We understand that. The brake press that meets our high standards for quality metal bending is the Accurpress Press Brake.

Precision Press Brake Features:

The Accurpress press brake offers uncompromising precision and reliability. The high-resolution touch screen graphical control unit ensures the highest level of efficiency in programming, operation and control. Specifically, this impressive plate bending machine offers:

  • High precision, high speed forming via advanced closed-loop, servo-hydraulic technology
  • “Elite” servo-controlled CNC back gauge has 6 axes, X1/X2, R1/R2 and Z1/Z2
  • “Elite” back gauge travel: X1/X2-axis = 39”, R1/R2-axis = 10”, Z1/Z2-axis
  • Standard opening height 18”
  • 500 Ton Capacity
  • Capable of bending 24’ long material
  • Air Bending
  • Versatile segmented tooling
  • Accuracy: Ram position repeat accuracy +/- 0.0004”
  • “Elite” back gauge position repeatability: X1/X2-axis +/- 0.001”, R1/R2-axis +/- 0.001”, Z1/Z2- axis +/- 0.003”

Feasibility studies and production preparation, saves you time and money

All of this saves you money! In addition, Metal Fabrication Professional’s advanced sheet metal bending technology team conducts feasibility studies and production prep to tell us how to turn out the best possible product for your project. Contact us today to discuss specifications and pricing for your next project.

Metal Forming Press Brake
Metal Forming Press Brake Close-Up